Michael Sheehan, A beast that you should be afraid of


Michael Sheehan is one of Jack and Adams many young talents to take the race scene this season. Starting last year as a cat 5, racers were intimidated by his raw power from the onset. At the finale of the 2011 race season, with a Driveway Leader’s Jersey, and many strong finishes under his belt, Michael got the bug. The one every successful cyclist knows.Where true passion for the sport hits you, you understand your strengths and weaknesses. You hit the winter training regimen full throttle, wake up on every cold morning ready to brave the weather. Nothing enthralls you more than the cold Texas air on your face and an intimidating country road. Following in Matthew Kessing‘s successful pedal strokes, Michael Sheehan went under the guidance of coach Matthew Seagrave. Blossoming from a strong racer, to the strong racer the pros should watch out for the 2012 season. He’s searching for his first win, and has a drive that is instantly recognizable. With strong finishes at University Oaks (2/12/12) 3rd, and Mineral Wells Stage Race – Crit (2/18/2012) of 3rd. His fire grows stronger as he searches for a win. Kessing approached me at the end of the Mineral Wells road race, where he found himself in a breakaway with Michael, “Sheehan is strong dude.” Wide-eyed, and clearly afraid, the strength I have to imagine to intimidate the 2011 Cat 2 Time-trial, and Criterium champion is indescribable. In only the second month of this season he has his points for the Cat 1 upgrade, but refuses to do so without a win at a major spring classic.This kid is out to get you. You should be afraid.

Michael Sheehan leads the charge

Jack and Adams, a force to be reckoned with

Colin Strickland the 25 (26 race age) year old Cyclist is well on his way to an upgrade to Category 2 racer with a win at Pace Bend. After a successful GC win at Mineral Wells;2 second place finishes and a 7th, and a unfortunate flat at Walburg, Colin came to Pace Bend with determination. On the second to last lap of this grueling race, Colin found Mason Quintana‘s wheel (Austin Bikes) attacking a big climb. Working together they managed to secure a large gap. Leaving Mason on the last lap Colin Caught the Cat 2 break away consisting of Super Squadra‘s, Alec Aldape. This cat 3 break away duo showed some prowess. Congratulations to Colin on his first win of a sure to be successful season.

A solid first win for new Texas talent